About me

About me

A little bit info about myself. My name is Steve Rottiers and I'm from Belgium. As a job I work at Aquafin.

I work there as a technician. My job is to purify the water. In addition to this job, I am also a photographer.

My passion for aviation started when I was a little boy.

I lived close to Koksijde Air Force Base. I saw planes and helicopters flying over my house every day. I was a fan of our own camouflaged seakings that were based at Koksijde Air base. Every year I went to the air show. I always looked forward to it. And if there was an exercise I could take my bike and ride to the base to experience it at the fence.

When I did my first vacation job I bought my first camera. From then on I traveled around to go to air shows in Belgium and in other countries.

In 2005 I bought my first digital camera.

On this site you can find my photo reports from different airshows and events over the years in the various countries. I hope you enjoy my photos. Thank you for visiting my website.